We strive to understand the financial needs of our clients by building potent relationships, which assists us in developing authentic and efficient products thereby catering to individual client requirements. We leverage on our years of experience and wisdom earned and our understanding of the capital markets when serving our clients who have placed their invaluable trust in us.

LOLC Capital One Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of LOLC Group, the largest non-banking financial conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Buy side & Sell side advisory

LOLC Capital One is engaged in buy side and sell side advisory to facilitate M&A transactions. While striving to support our clients’ individual strategic intentions, we also aim to understand our clients’ long term strategic goals and accordingly focus on advising and directing them towards their aspirations.

Fairness Opinions

We offer independent evaluations on transactions, which enables an equal playing field to all parties concerned, facilitating more informed and fair decisions.

Post Amalgamation advisory

Amalgamations can be complex and complications can exceed value proposition in absence of smooth transition. We offer post amalgamation advisory with in depth expertise to our clients for smoother transition beyond the closure of transactions.

Acquisition Financing

With our wide reach in the financing world, LOLC Capital One provides acquisition financing for prospective transactions.

Equity Capital Markets

Initial Public Offering

We advise corporates on prospects of taking a company public and guide our clients throughout the process of listing, from pre Initial Public Offering (IPO) planning, structuring and coordinating, conducting road shows, documentations, securing pre-IPO Strategic Investors to placing IPO equity to prospective investors.


We also advise clients on listing without capital raising via introductions, with thorough understanding of strategic aspirations of the corporates.

Post Listing Capital Raising

LOLC Capital One advises clients on potential capital raising opportunities for listed corporates such as rights issues and warrant issues.

Alternative Investments

Venture Capital

LOLC Capital One aid entrepreneurs and start-ups to raise Venture Capital to strategize their business ideas.

Private Investment in public listed equities (PIPE)

We also structure private investment into public listed equities.

Private Placements

We structure private placements to acquire equity for companies that which are not in the listed space.

Real Estate

We maintain a wide range of real estate deal flows which build opportunities for investors in this lucrative asset class.

Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Listing of Corporate Bonds

We assist in raising capital through listing of corporate bonds in CSE, assisting corporates through the complete process of compiling prospectus, placing with investors, to advising on regulatory and credit matters.

Foreign Currency Lending

LOLC Capital One has wide reach for global funding institutions and can facilitate our clients in arranging foreign currency borrowings.


We structure pooled financing products such as syndications to cater to clients’ requirements.

Product Placement

We facilitate product placement including commercial papers and fixed deposits along with other products.

Project Financing

We assist green field and brown field projects to take off by facilitating necessary project financing.

Corporate Advisory

We aspire to provide our clients with the best guidance in order to fulfil their financial needs.

With our client’s interest in mind, we provide our utmost effort to gather resources and offer consultancy in addition to conducting feasibility studies, project valuations and company valuations and sector studies.

Investment Research

LOLC Capital One is equipped with award winning sell side research team which facilitates in-depth, laser sharp analysisto support investment banking activities. Corporate consultancy is done in alliance with the research team as we aspire to provide our clients an insight of their future investments and transactions.

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